We want to make sure your print preparation process is as efficient as can be, with exceptional results. That’s why we created the all new Operator Station software from the ground up. Thanks to Operator Station’s intuitive interface and our proprietary MAGS AI intelligence, it takes you only a few clicks to create print jobs for your atum3D DLP Station.

Mark, Adjust & Generate Supports

Prepare for print in a few clicks with MAGS AI. Mark the surface of the part most important for your result. MAGS AI analyses the part’s shape, keeps your selection free of supports, suggests the optimal orientation and automatically adds the necessary supports. Preparing your print job has never been easier.


Operator Station allows you to maximise your build process efficiency with a single click. Duplicate to create a specific number of parts or let Operator Station fill up the Build Platform in the most efficient way possible with the current part orientation and support structure.


Operator Station includes a comprehensive online catalog of resin-specific presets. Build materials can be conveniently added to Operator Station with an internet connection, or by importing a settings file on offline workstations.


Operator Station is a highly intuitive, functional tool without any unnecessary buttons, settings dialogue boxes or data unrelated to the task at hand. You can even control Operator Station using a touch screen device!


The slicing preview shows you the DLP Station’s projected result on screen, slice by slice. Easily determine any inconsistencies before creating the final print job. What you see is what you’ll get!


Built-in algorithms automatically adjust for variables like the chemical properties of your build material and hardware calibration data to achieve best-in-class accuracy levels and surface finishing.


Operator Station is currently available for Windows PC with the following system requirements:

RECOMMENDED Windows 10, i7 Processor, 16 GB RAM, OpenGL 2.0 or higher, SSD with 1 GB free space, USB port
MINIMAL Windows 10, i5 Processor, 8 GB RAM, OpenGL 2.0, 1 GB free space, USB port

Operator Station is included with our Industry Excellence Packs.