Additive manufacturing holds the potential to revolutionize the injection moulding industry in terms of speed, complexity and cost-effectiveness. Printing high-quality moulds and inserts in robust materials that can handle thousands of shots defeats the purpose of ordering moulds overseas. It's now possible to create complex moulds in a matter of hours, at cost levels that allow the flexibility of multiple iterations towards the final design. Our partnerships, open resin platform and expertise allow us to meet your specific material and process requirements.

Ordering moulds and inserts used to be both time and cost consuming. With Mould & Insert Excellence, atum3D combines the exceptional benefits of its DLP printing platform with high-performance material properties. Our DLP Station offers consistent dimensional accuracy, durability and surface quality with application-tested and approved resins. This results in the ability to produce previously unimaginable complex designs at lower costs, while reducing lead times from weeks to hours and adding the flexibility to keep optimizing parts - all for a mid-range investment.


atum3D bundles the hardware, software, resins, consumables and services to comprise a tailored integral solution that fits your requirements. A selection of products commonly combined for injection moulding applications is listed below.


  • DLP Station 5-405 EXZ
    » Industrial grade, open platform 3D printer with a purpose-built 405 nm light source and a 70 micron resolution. This printer offers the build speed, accuracy and stability to create moulds and inserts of up to 45 centimetres in height.
  • Optional Post-Processing Automation
    » Several post-processing automation options are available, such as the atum3D Cleaning Station and Curing Station. Depending on the current infrastructure, these can help facilitating and speeding up the process even more.


  • Operator Station Professional
    » Our intuitive software prepares your mould or insert for print in just a few clicks. Our MAGS AI algorithms automatically rotate, support, distribute and slice the moulds and inserts on the DLP Station Build Platform.


  • BASF Ultracur3D® RG 3280
    » Ultracur3D® RG 3280 is a ceramic-filled resin with exceptionally high stiffness (around 10 Gpa) and temperature resistance. Despite the high loading of ceramic particles, this material is low viscous and very easy to handle and print.


  • Installation & Operator Training
    » Our team builds on years of injection moulding experience and is ready to set up your atum3D hardware and software on-site. Our specialists train operators in using Operator Station software and DLP Station 5-405 EXZ in a hands-on training session.
  • DLP Support Basic
    » Our support doesn't end with installation and training. The Basic support package includes personal support, both by phone and online.


Mould & Insert Excellence is based on the DLP Station 5-405 EXZ, which features a powerful light source that delivers speed in accurate and consistent repetition for moulds and inserts up to 45 centimetres in height. It allows using high-quality materials, thanks to its open resin platform. Print jobs can be prepared with ease using Operator Station Professional software.

Summarised, benefits of our Mould & Insert Excellence solution include:
  • Create robust moulds and inserts quickly, accurately and at a fraction of the cost and lead time of traditional solutions;
  • Enables printing complex moulds at identical costs of simple moulds, while retaining the flexibility to create additional moulds for optimized product versions in a matter of hours;
  • DLP technology allows combining several mould and insert parts in a single run, without impacting build speed;
  • Specialty BASF resins offer exceptional functional material properties for injection moulding applications, which can withstand the injection process for up to thousands of cycles;
  • This state-of-the-art solution also supports 3D printing moulds for various other moulding techniques, such as vacuum forming, blow moulding and compression moulding.

We are here for you

We understand that incorporating additive manufacturing technology in your current injection moulding process calls for a solution that offers a good fit with the existing infrastructure. That is why our team is ready to discuss your specific wishes and customise your product bundle to order.


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We bundle everything the orthopaedic professional needs to start printing pre-modelled test shoes immdiately.

DLP Station 5-405 EXZ

Post-processing automation (Optional)

Operator Station Professional

BASF Ultracur3D® RG 3280

Installation & Operator Training

DLP Support Basic

BASF Ultracur3D® RG 3280

Ultracur3D® RG 3280 is a ceramic-filled resin with exceptionally high stiffness (around 10 Gpa) and temperature resistance. Despite the high loading of ceramic particles, this material is low viscous and very easy to handle and print.

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DLP Station 5-405 EXZ

The extended build envelope DLP Station is now available with our powerful 405 nm light engine module. In line with our vision to offer the most cost-effective, fully customisable open platform 3D DLP printers, DLP Station 5-405 EXZ allows using any available DLP resin in the 405 nm range, thanks to the proprietary atum3D open resin platform. These exceptional features make DLP Station 5-405 EXZ a great fit with many applications, including footwear production and printing moulds & inserts.

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Post-processing automation

To optimise your workflow and further reduce lead-times, both post-processing steps, cleaning and post-curing, can be automated. Cleaning Station is based on the cavitation effect resulting from high frequency shockwaves in ethanol. The imploding microscopic bubbles are small enough to enter even the smallest of openings, meticulously cleaning printed moulds & inserts. Next, Curing Station combines a large-capacity vacuum chamber with powerful UV light and radiated heat for up to 10x faster and truly thorough post-curing.

Curing Station Cleaning Station

Operator Station Professional

After modelling, preparing a print job for DLP Station is a matter of just a few clicks thanks to our intuitive Operator Station software. Features like the unique, touch-enabled user interface and MAGS AI algorithms to swiftly position multiple models, let you create and export your print job in minutes.

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BASF Ultracur3D® RG-1100

Ultracur3D® RG 1100 by Forward AM is a high-strength, unfilled polyurethane-based engineering grade resin. Its high mechanical strength, heat deflection temperature (HDT 116°C) and good chemical resistance make it an excellent choice for 3D printed mould applications for less demanding applications.

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Installation & Operator Training

atum3D offers customised, integral solutions with optimal ease-of-use. We include the option to have an expert set up hardware and software on-site and train operators in using Operator Station and DLP Station 5-405 EXZ in a hands-on session.

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DLP Support

Our support doesn’t end with installation and training. atum3D offers a choice of different support level and on-site maintenance options to fit your requirements.

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3D Foot Scanner

3D Foot scanning and automated 3D modelling of test shoes is a highly specialised area of expertise. atum3D has teamed up with several leaders in the field, as we feel you should be able to select your scanning/modelling solution of choice. Contact us for more information about 3D scanning solutions.