The extended build envelope DLP Station is now available with our powerful 405 nm light engine module. In line with our vision to offer the most cost-effective, fully customisable open platform 3D DLP printers, DLP Station 5-405 EXZ allows using any available DLP resin in the 405 nm range, thanks to the proprietary atum3D open resin platform. These exceptional features make DLP Station 5-405 EXZ a great fit with many applications, including footwear production and printing moulds & inserts.


Whether your application calls for flexible, rigid, or heat-resistant materials, DLP Station 5-405 EXZ has you covered for fast, local manufacturing of single pieces or series of (personalised) parts. The combination of features brought together in this industrial-grade printer make it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.


The extended Z-axis almost doubled in height compared to DLP Station 5-405. This enables creating parts with dimensions of up to 192 x 108 x 450 mm. The 450 mm Z-axis is amongst the largest available in DLP printing today. Thanks to DLP technology, DLP Station 5-405 EXZ allows filling up the Build Platform with different parts without impacting the print time.


The purpose-built Ultra HD light engine featured in DLP Station 5-405 EXZ enables its high performance in terms of speed and accuracy. The redesigned Z-axis allows the Build Platform to accelerate 4x faster and move vertically twice as fast. This makes build speeds of up to 150 mm per hour possible, depending on the resin, part detail and settings.


DLP Station 5-405 EXZ was designed with operator convenience in mind. The touch screen user interface allows controlling all major functions. The self-levelling Build Platform S makes accurate printer calibration an easy task, and the full-width maintenance door with a slide-out Safety Tray allows cleaning and maintenance access.


The print jobs for DLP Station 5-405 EXZ are prepared by our intelligent Operator Station software. With exceptional ease-of-use and proprietary algorithms automatically adjusting for both specific resin properties and printer calibration data, creating optimized multi-part print jobs for DLP Station 5-405 EXZ is a breeze.


Our combined in-house hardware, software and chemistry expertise allows us to customise your 3D manufacturing solution to meet virtually any requirement – whether in terms of material properties, accuracy, or process parameters, such as build time. Our experts will find or co-develop build materials or customise settings to fulfil your needs.


Our long-standing partnerships with leading resin suppliers, 3D scanning experts, and automated modelling specialists allows us to create an integral process. Add our cleaning extensions and Curing Station for up to 10x faster and truly thorough post-curing, and we are ready to create your end-to-end printing solution that rivals traditional production methods.


The heavy-duty DLP Station 5-405 EXZ presents one of the most future-proof and customisable 3D printing platforms available today. Several hardware modules can be exchanged or added whenever requirements change, or new opportunities arise. Selecting DLP Station for your application ensures reaping the full benefits of 3D manufacturing.