Mannheim-based Faber Industrietechnik has made a name for itself recognising customer needs and solving their challenges for over 30 years. As a full-service technology company, Faber adds value by taking the extra step for their customers. Whether they’re looking for a single model or series of parts, Faber is their single source. Thanks to the industrial grade atum3D printer hardware and LOCTITE® resin range, Faber rapidly provides 3D printed functional prototypes. The result? Highly detailed functional part prototypes with diverse material properties are available with short lead times without outsourcing - and ultimately optimal service levels and satisfied customers.


3D Modelling software
Machine part prototypes can be 3D scanned from existing parts or newly designed from scratch using Faber Industrietechnik’s 3D modelling software. The resulting prototype is exported in the common STL file format.


Operator Station Professional
After importing the prototype design STL in Operator Station, atum3D’s software prepares the part for print in just a few clicks. Depending on the size, it’s possible to combine several slightly different designs in a single run without impacting build speed.

DLP Station 5-405
This 100 μm 3D printer is based on atum3D’s superior DLP platform. Its purpose-built light source offers high build speeds and consistent accuracy. Both the durable, quick-release and self-levelling consumables as well as the intuitive, large touchscreen add to an optimal user experience.

LOCTITE® Resin Range
Faber Industrietechnik primarily uses the following resins, depending on customer wishes and part property requirements. Thanks to the open platform, they can use any availiable resin.

3D 3840 Black 3D 3840 White 3D 3820 Ultra Clear
Appearance Black White Transparent
Hardness (Shore) D70 D70 D60
Tensile strength (Mpa) 20-30 20-30 18-28
Tensile modulus (Mpa) 900-1300 900-1300 75-122
Elongation at break (%) 15-20 15-20 26-46
Flexural strength (Mpa) 25-35 25-35 N/A
Flexural modulus (Mpa) 800-1000 800-1000 N/A
Application Prototyping Prototyping Prototyping


Post-processing automation
After printing, the cleaning and post-curing processes can be largely automated to further reduce the lead time and increase ease-of-use. To this end, atum3D can provide the Cleaning Station, Curing Station and Finishing toolkit extensions.


Machine part prototype
The resulting detailed prototype allows the customer to review its design meticulously. The exceptional level of accuracy as well as both the time and cost-effectiveness of the 3D printing process makes the outsoucing of prototyping tasks a thing of the past for Faber Industrietechnik. That results in very short lead times, which in turn accellerates the customer’s decision to move ahead and order the production part.


Powering the Faber Industrietechnik workshop is our industrial grade DLP Station 5-405 with its powerful light source that ensures speed, accuracy and consistency. Thanks to the large build envelope, Faber can create multiple parts in a single run without sacrificing build speed. Preparing machine part prototypes for print is fast and easy thanks to Operator Station software with MAGS AI, which automatically positions the part and automatically generates the necessary supports. The LOCTITE® resin range support fast, accurate printing.Prototypes are ready for Faber’s customers, fast.

Summarised, the rapid prototying application benefits of the atum3D and Loctite products in the Faber Industrietechnik workshop include:
  • Best-in-class build speeds of up to 90 mm/hour
  • Intuitive print job preparation, easy machine set-up and workflow
  • Highly accurate functional prototyping in-house and fast, in a matter of hours rather than days
  • Large build envelope enables creating several different part designs in a single run, without impacting build speed
  • High-performance LOCTITE® resins offer technical properties that fit the functional prototyping application.