atum3D provides application-specific, integral solutions that let you reap the full benefits of additive manufacturing. The term ‘additive manufacturing’ includes a broad range of different technologies. We’ve summarised the potential benefits of additive manufacturing, the specific benefits of DLP technology versus other additive manufacturing technologies, and ultimately the unique added value atum3D offers compared to DLP equipment suppliers.


Additive manufacturing refers to a process by which digital 3D design data is used to build up a part in layers by depositing material. The strengths of additive manufacturing lie in those areas where conventional manufacturing reaches its limitations.

Compared to traditional methods, additive manufacturing offers significant benefits.


  • Create complex parts without impact on efficiency/cost
  • Create many different parts without impact on efficiency/cost
  • Little waste
  • Accurate production planning
  • Low investment (no molds)
  • Short time from development to production


  • Design determines production
  • Easy modification & redesign potential for product customization


  • Complex structures
  • Lighter solid parts with semi-hollow interior


Digital Light Processing (DLP) is an additive manufacturing process based on photopolymer resins.

The resins react with light and cure to form a solid in a very precise way to speedily produce accurate parts.

Key benefits

  • Resolution
  • Flexibility
  • Material use efficiency
  • Cost efficiency
  • Material properties
  • Fusion between layers


atum3D developed industrial-grade hardware, firmware and software in-house in the Netherlands from the ground up. That allows us to offer a unique proposition compared to other DLP suppliers.
The combination of proprietary hardware and software allows atum3D to achieve an unparalleled accuracy and surface finish.
Our Operator Station software with MAGS AI technology takes you from initial model import to final print job in just a few clicks. DLP Station build speeds are amongst the fastest in the industry. Post processing is accelerated with our Cleaning and Curing extensions.
We created an open platform which allows you to use any material available on the market. We’ll advise you on the optimal material, based on your desired material properties or application-induced needs.
atum3D products require a midrange investment, and the running costs are low. Add speed, flexibility, low waste levels and low consumable use; atum3D offers exceptional quality and accuracy. Hence, unparalleled value.
At atum3D, we aim to make our customer’s life easier. For every new customer we welcome to the atum3D family, we offer training and support to make sure you get the most out of our products and be inspired to push the boundaries towards new standards.