Parts created with our DLP Station are ready to be post-processed. With atum3D’s Finishing Toolkit extension, we’ve conveniently bundled the tools and consumables we’ve come to love ourselves to finish and polish parts to a shine.

After curing, the final process step is to remove any supports and polish your parts. The Finishing Toolkit aims to make this task as easy as possible. The Toolkit includes the tools you need to finish your part to a shine.

Precision-handle even the smallest parts with the included tools. Use the tweezers, nippers and precision hammer to remove supports from the part. Next, sand off any excess material. The Resin Tray Podium is a convenient holder for used resin trays. Thanks to the paper holder, you can conveniently tear off towels with a single hand.

The toolkit includes

  • Nippers
  • Tweezers
  • Precision hammer
  • Paper Holder
  • Resin Tray Podium
  • Sanding Paper

The Finishing Toolkit is included with several Application Excellence Packs.