atum3D’s application partner Spentys offers the first integral personal healthcare product enabling orthopedic surgeons to replace traditional gypsum casts and splints with 3D printed immobilisation devices. atum3D enabled in-hospital production by customising both DLP Station’s settings and resin properties to optimally match the unique Spentys PolyCast design. The result? Unrivalled speed with high accuracy and post-processing automation leading to an optimal user experience - which ultimately benefits patients with a superior solution.


3D Scanner
If there’s no 3D scanner available, Spentys can provide you with the 3D scanning solution that best fits your needs. Scanning the patient’s physical characteristics is painless, fast and easy.


Spentys modelling software
PolyCast devices have a proprietary design, combining strength and patient comfort. The Spentys software helps the healthcare professional to design a personalised device in minutes.


Operator Station Professional
After importing the design in Operator Station, atum3D’s software prepares your immobalisation device for print in just a few clicks. You can combine multiple devices in a single run.

DLP Station 5-405 EXZ
This printer is based on atum3D’s superior DLP platform. In close cooperation with Spentys, atum3D pushed the boundaries in terms of speed and accuracy, customising both printer settings and material properties to this specific application.

Orthopedic Immobilisation Device resin
Depending on the type of device, several specialty resins are available. Some have been specifically engineered for speed and accuracy on DLP Station. Key material properties for immobilisation devices, such as strength, detail and ISO-certified medical safety are combined in these build materials.


Post-processing automation
After printing, the cleaning and post-curing processes can be largely automated to further reduce the lead time and increase ease-of-use. atum3D can provide the Cleaning Station, Curing Station and Finishing toolkit extensions.


PolyCast personalised immobilisation device
The resulting PolyCast, with its simple strap-on mechanism, is lightweight, waterproof, adaptable and aerated. Secure immobilisation is now possible with minimal obstruction of daily tasks, the ability to take a shower and without the timeconsuming process of removing a traditional cast or splint.


Powering the Spentys PolyCast solution is our industrial grade DLP Station 5-405 EXZ with its powerful light source that ensures speed, accuracy and consistency. Thanks to the large build envelope, you can create multiple devices in a single run without sacrificing build speed. Preparing personalised immobilisatrion devices for production is fast and easy thanks to Operator Station software with MAGS AI technology, which automatically positions the device and generates the necessary supports. With the included Cleaning Station, Curing Station and Finishing Toolkit, devices are ready to be applied, fast.

Summarised, benefits of the atum3D products for the Spentys PolyCast solution application include:
  • Best-in-class build speeds of up to 250 mm/hour.
  • Intuitive print job preparation, easy machine set-up and workflow.
  • Create personalised, waterproof, light and aerated orthopedic immobilisation devices with high accuracy right in the emergency room, even while the patient waits
  • Large build envelope enables creating multiple orthopedic immobilisation devices up to 45 centimeters in height
  • Specialty build materials, some of which have been customised to provide an optimal fit with the Spentys immobilisation device
  • The integral Spentys solution allows the surgeon to scan, model and print in the hospital itself, which ultimately benefits patients with a superior, personalised solution